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This is my 75 gallon reef tank. Total systems capacity with the chiller, plumbing, and refugia is 88~ 90 gallons. I use a Sea Life Systems model 200 W/D sump with no bio balls/bale, and a sheet of acrylic right down the middle going half way down the length of the sump. One side of the sump for skimmer return, and skimmer pump { Rio 3100 } so that the skimmer recirculates some of it's return water. The other side of the sump is plumbed to a Iwaki MD 40 RT return pump. I use a RD 2 skimmer that is externally plumbed with the return above the water level in the sump.

Lighting on this tank is provided by two Iwasaki 250 watt 6500k metal halide lamps driven by two Mercury vapor ballasts, and three VHO 48 inch lamps { two O3's and one Aqua Sun } powered by a Ice Cap 440 ballast. All the lights are in a Red Oak home made hood.

Lighting on the refugia is two CSL 13 watt 5000k / 9 watt 7100k combo's. The tank's also have a 1/3 HP chiller { yes 1/3 HP is BIG for a 75 gallon tank, but I am from TEXAS and it gets real hot here :} }

The 75 gallon tank has approximately 100 lbs of live rock, and the refugia has 15`20 lbs. The rock in a mix of Fiji, Tonga, and Caribbean { some wild, and some lease raised }

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