History of Mark's Salt Water Aquarium
I started this tank five years ago as a Fish / live rock tank. Back then the live rock came from the Caribbean and was collected wild and only had to spend a few days in transport, so when i got it, it was full of great stuff and most of it was still alive.
SPS centralI added a few fish but the critters in the rock have always been the most interesting to me. The fish have stayed with me over the years. One green Bird Wrasse named Beaker { named after the Mupet, and not because of his head }. One Tomato Clown, no name, just a jerk, and these fish are still with me after five years.
SPS being all fluffyThe tank was fine for around four years, UNTIL last spring when it sprang a leak { at 3:30 am on a Sunday } that was a long day !!!! So after replacing the tank with a Reef Ready tank, and moving all the .... well everything in to it with out loosing anything :-)), it slowly started to become a reef tank with two fish. Upgrading lighting, bigger sump, and a better skimmer etc... This is what I have now, I hope you enjoy the photos , and I will try to get some sharper ones soon.
Right side of 75 gallon. Showing Organ pipe coral, Yellow leather, Gorgonia, Cup, and SPS coral.
Left side of 75 gallonShowing Clam on the far left. Leather, Brains, Moon, and Pineapple. Xenia, Birds Nest, and many more Stoney's. Also Beaker showing off for camera.
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