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Welcome to my web site! I have a wide range of interests involving water sports and 4WD vehicles. Check out my Jeep rebuilding (work!), racing jet skis (not foolin' around), SCUBA diving and salt water aquarium. I take them all seriously while each is my current hobby. These days, the jet ski gets most of the attention since the Jeep is finished.

I have 3 brothers that like to remind me I'm their "little brother". They all three do this looking up. :-) The oldest, Randy, got me started in SCUBA. We used to fish for bass when I was a kid, and enjoy diving together when time permits. Rick, the next one down, ran Rick Allen Plumbing in Alvin, but semi-retired to move north and live on enough land to raise animals. He mostly works forever, but enjoys working on the place in his spare time. Rob is a diver too, but spends most of his time in real estate

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