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Mark on Dock My brother, Randy, got me started in SCUBA. One year at Christmas, he offered to teach me how to dive, so when the water warmed up, I took him up on it. As with most things I do, I wanted to learn as much as possible about it, and enjoy it to its fullest. I've been fortunate to find the right people and get trained in several of the technical aspects of SCUBA.

I am a currently a divemaster, and prefer not to become an instructor. Divemasters are often invited to go on trips, but instructors don't seem to invite each other. :-) It is a good level from which to study technical diving. My favorite is cave diving in the Quintana Roo area of Mexico. I have a few cave pictures here, but you would have to be there to appreciate its beauty. I am also a member the USDDT. My certifications include:
PADI Divemaster NSS-CDS Full Cave IANTD Advanced Air
Technical Nitrox
Intermediate Trimix

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