Flower Gardens Trip Report August 9, 1996
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Chubs on the surface
Snorkeling with some

A marble headstone

Lloyd and I both use Phoenix computers, by Orca, and discovered significant differences in NDL limits between the two. When I reached 10 minutes, his said he had 24 left. This seemed odd since our profiles didn't vary more than a few feet, with him being a little deaper. But, his computer is a few years older, and may have different algorithms, so we just used my numbers. I had a little extra insurance by my use of Nitrox 30-32% in each bottle, while diving an air profile. We completed three dives by early afternoon with the aid of the computers, and decided to head to Stetson Banks to get a start back toward home. The banks have their own uniqueness, so we figured we would use our three remaining tanks there. While looking at the scenery, I discovered a marble headstone that had been placed there long enough ago to be nearly covered by coral. Apparently, someone thought enough of the Flower Gardens that he/she wanted to be remembered there. The Flower Gardens are that pretty, and should be worthy of that kind of admiration.

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