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June 1998
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Our Group
Our group
I couldn't imagine a more diverse group of individuals, yet everyone fit real well together. Most were avid party animals (not me), and some actually excel in that area. However, not a single dive was lost due to the "night before"..... but I think a few morning dives were enjoyed a little less than the afternoon dives

One thing that was nice on this trip - everyone had sufficient experience that we could all be a little independent within the group. I heard that they encourage new "members" but try to keep the ratio of experienced divers to newbies high to make it easy to manage differences in diving skills.

The Divers
Bobby planned this trip for us. He did a great job, and we appreciate him. His last name implies he is smart. He successfully piloted a helicopter with a badly broken transmission to the ground, and lived to fly again. Knowing he still flies, you have wonder about that name....... :-)

Mac was my roommate. He still rides helicopters even though he was on Bobby's crash landing. I think he took up SCUBA 'cuz he couldn't survive in the shower without more air than normally fits in showers. :-)

Gary is my buddy, and a great DM. He is always at the rear of the group.....probably waiting for something funny to happen ahead. I didn't know he could party - but I saw it with my own eyes!! He can really sing at the Karioke bar.

Words fail me here.....She is an elegant lady, and a very graceful diver. She does a good macarena dance under water. (Gary doesn't). And!...... she can bring tears to your eyes when she sings!.....And no, it didn't hurt.

Jeff was a newbie to the group, as was I. His claim to fame was diving in adverse conditions - mostly of his own making. :-) He wouldn't let the "night before" stop him.

Jeanice - Jeff's wife
Jeanice made a few dives, but spent much of the time with shore duty. She also had plenty to do keeping up with Jeff. He never slowed down.

Rene is a biiiig guy with a great disposition. He took to diving suddenly and with a vengeance a few years ago, and was my student. It is still unclear who talked the most - him or me. My stories were from the textbook, and his were made up as we progressed through the lessons. You can always tell when he is telling a whopper of a story. Those are the ones that start out believable and degrade quickly.

Rabbit (another great DM) is a busy man, but tries to find a little time for diving when possible. He is very fluid in the water, and has a grin from ear to ear - wet or dry. Donna is proud to claim him as a brother, and he loves it. There are many theories regarding his name "Rabbit". Legend is certainly more controversial than the truth.

The Non-divers......

Debbie was probably tied up keeping track of Rene, Garrett, and Valerie, but she was around the group when she and her family weren't out exploring the island.

Valerie - Rene's niece
Valerie wasn't a diver yet, but was active in the island exploration team. I expect she will be diving soon. We would appreciate the help keeping Rene subdued (quiet). :-)

Garrett - Rene and Debbie's son
Garrett was a waterbug. When we did the snorkel tour on the last diving day, he was all over the place. He will be diving when he is 12 for sure.

Connie is living proof that some "accounting" types of people are alive, and can be active outside of the office. She has a devilish grin that showed often. She even had fun in Customs at the airport. I've never seen that done before.

Lynda is our "Wonder Woman" of the group. She is a paramedic and medical student with an enchanting smile that surfaces broadly when she isn't being serious. I think she will be diving next year.

Melissa seemed quiet, but enjoyed herself. She was found around the pool a couple of times when we returned from diving. I would have thought she would have been cooked.

Kimberlee - Rabbit and Donna's niece
Kimberlee was there for a high school graduation present. She took to the water real well on the snorkeling tour. Normally, one would imagine the niece being carefully guarded by the aunt and uncle, but she seemed to be quite responsible on her own. We believe she was a good influence for Rabbit and Donna......if it isn't too late to salvage them.

I like being responsible for this page 'cuz I don't have to worry about what is written by somebody else. :-)

It was a privilege to be welcomed by the group, and toward the end, to feel like a member. I won't forget this trip for the diving, or for my new friends. On the last night, after Carlos and Charlie's closed, I sat by the pool and the sea and thought about the path that took me to Cozumel, my OW class from hell, AOW class that was great, DMs along the way, and old friends like Kathy Waites, my all time favorite diving buddy Travis Waites, his dad Gary Waites, and Sarah Waites, who just got certified. She will be there next year. In that private moment, I recalled changes in life's directions that closed some doors and opened others, old friends that went other ways and are missed, new friends that share the same ocean currents, though not the same paths in life. Perhaps there is something about drifting in the sea with friends that puts life in perspective if you take a moment to reflect on it when the sun goes down. Perhaps it doesn't. It is all in how you use the experience.


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