What is TechDiver?

TechDiver list is a forum of divers around the world who share an interest in diving that usually requires special training, hence the name "technical diving". This forum offers a place to share experiences and opinions regarding technical diving subjects and SAFETY issues such as:

Extended Exposure Diving Long Duration Diving Deep Diving
Diving Physiology Treatment Techniques Decompression Sickness, DCS
Wreck Penetration Diving Cave Diving NITROX, TRIMIX, etc.
Specialized Equipment Technical Training Facilities Specialized Techniques

Readers of the TechDiver list have agreed not to send messages of a blatant commercial nature to the list. Please do not post adverts for products or services, even if they are related to Technical Diving. Readers have also agreed that the use of offensive language, insults, or threats is not appropriate on this list, no matter how valid your point may be. (This hasn't been my experience. I find it to be mostly personal attacks and insults. I've tried it twice, and sadly found it an embarassment to the diving community.)

The TechDiver list is for people new at technical diving, as much as it is for experienced technical divers. If you're new at this, and are joining to find out more, you'll do well to send out a message to the group to say so. That way, you'll get others to respond with things that are directly of interest to you.

To join the list, write to:

and, in the text of your message (not the subject line), write:
subscribe techdiver

For other list functions write to:

and, in the text of your message (not the subject line),insert one of the following unstructions:

Command Function
help Get a complete set of instructions.
index Get an index of articles in techdiver archive.
send 12345 Get file `12345' from techdiver archive
send -f name Get all messages from author `name'
send -s subject Get all messages about subject `subject' .
subscribe subscribe to the techdiver mailing list
unsubscribe unsubscribe from the techdiver mailing list
who Geta list of people on this mailing list

If you just want to read the mail on the list without joining, you can also access the List Archive, and even read the list, through the Aquanaut WWW Server. Use the URL: http://www.aquanaut.com/bin/mlist/aquanaut/techdiver.

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