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Advdive.com  - new!
Air Mauritius - diving page
The Beard's Place
Bjorn Vang Jensen
Bob Phillips' Two Cents Worth
Bonehead's SCUBA Page
Brian Baillod's Dive Page
Buddy Base International international dive buddy registry
Capt'n Nemo Home Page
Coral Adventures
Diving under Antarctic Ice
Divesite - lots of SCUBA and Australian information
Dive Write Inns - New York instructors
DiveMall International
DiveWeb - commercial diving links, suppliers, etc.
Diver Don's Place
Diver's Oasis - Florida links
Diver's World
DiverNet - great site
Diving Bali Australia - new!
Diving in the Philippines
Explore Underwater - Monte Thornton's big site
Fish Seekers - fishing and diving resources
Florida SCUBA Hound
Gary & Cherri Wood's Virtually Paradise
Genesis SCUBA
Harris' HOT Dive Links
Honea's SCUBA Page - good Texas links
J@son's scubapage ....
JP's Dive!
Kevin's SCUBA Links Page
LA Diver
Links to Hot Dive Sites - The title is accurate.
Magnificent Relief
Michael McFadyen's Scuba Site
Monty's Home Page
MyDiving Info.com
Navigate! great tutorial on navigation
New Jersey SCUBA Diving - good information
NOAA Diving Manual
Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society
Paul's Scuba Page
Rich Synowiec's Homepage - good technical stuff
Roberto's Home Page
Ron Gross Homepage
Ron Fuller's San Diego California Pages - Ron was lost to us in August of 2000
SB Diver's Home Page
SCUBA - Ed O'Malley
SCUBA Central
Scuba City - lots of stuff for the new or soon-to-be diver
SCUBA Danny's
SCUBA Diving by Rick Rogers
The SCUBA Guide - good resource for all SCUBA topics
The SCUBA Guy - by Bill Jones, PADI Instructor
SCUBA James - James Yonge (in the UK)
SCUBA Monster - Lots of links to resources
SCUBA Search
ScubaDad's Home Page - by ScubaBob Klemow
SCUBADUBA - great navigation options
South Coast of Texas - not really regional, has Caribbean and other links
S.S. SCUBA/Prairie Divers
Sten's SCUBA Page - another long list of sites
Tapani Kemppainen's SCUBA Page
Texas Girl
Texas Tropical Scuba Diving PADI Instruction
Thailand-divers.com - lots of resources available
Tim Roger's Page - good site in England
Tony Fertitta's Scuba & Snorkel Pages -Virginia Beach, VA
Tropic Diver
UK Diving
UK Divers - The UK Scuba Diving Resource
Underwater Sports World
United Divers
University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) - short on ocean, but long on information
W. E. DIVE Home Page
Welcome to DIVE SITE
Women in SCUBA
Worldwide Diving Encyclopedia

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